Eyeo Festival

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Technology

Heading to the Eyeo Festival starting this evening.  Looking for inspiration!



REAPER + Kinect?

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Technology


Here’s an idea…  How about connecting REAPER to Kinect via ReaScript.

This might be a starting point…Shinect

Digi and Pachube Fun

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Technology

I have connected a Digi Connectport X4 and several sensors (Temp, humidity, light) to pachube.

This gives me the ability to generate graphs and provide current and historical measurements to other applications in the cloud.  I used the iDigi DIA and implemented a pachube post presentation to get the data into the cloud.  It has been working pretty well, however I need to add some more robust error recovery code to make it more reliable.  Unfortunately the data stream has been offline for a while, so I have some work to do.  By the time anyone reads this hopefully it will be back online.

The full pachube feed page is here.

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Back to School

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Technology

I took a bit of a hiatus in my making, breaking and contemplating to focus on some career choices.  I haven’t really finished with that process, but it is high time to start learning some new skills and knocking the rust off of some old ones.  First order of business is to reorganize my personal creative space and decide on what tools to focus on.  As I plowed into the mountains interesting stuff I have collected, I discovered that I have quite the array of potential projects hiding in plain sight.

Do I start with the raw materials and decide what to build, or do I decide what to build and determine what I need?

If I start with the end in mind, I will probably go for a Quadcopter build.  Not easy, but well defined, lots of docs, lots of community support, probably easy to get help and generate interest at TCMaker.

If I start with the raw materials the possibilities are a bit overwhelming, but I think some sort of  evolving interactive art/music/automation idea is forming in my mind.  More on that later as it becomes more defined.

Maybe I ought to do both…

50KV Electrostatic Voltmeter

Posted: September 7, 2010 in hardware, Projects, Technology

I have a 50Kv electrostatic voltmeter lying about with nothing to do.  It looks like this:

It has an awesome 4-5 inch long insulator on the back for the input connection.  Inside its basically a balance scale that reads the force of attraction between two plates and is mostly empty space inside to air gap the workings from the case.  I will have to post a better picture that really shows the size of it.  I bought it just because it looks awesome, but I really want to actually measure some serious KVs! So…

I want to build a Wimhurst machine because it also looks cool and it makes huge arcs when you turn the crank.

Steampunk Workshop has a nice how-to on building your own Wimhurst influence machine if you care to give it a try!

Find the perfect Servo

Posted: September 7, 2010 in hardware, Projects, Technology


Align DS620

I am working on a animatronics type project and needed to find just the right type of servo.   After a bit of web stumbling I found ServoDatabase.com which helped me find just the right one!

Contraptor: “Contraptor is a DIY open source construction set for experimental personal fabrication, desktop manufacturing, prototyping and bootstrapping.”

This looks a great compliment to MakerBeam and MicroRAX.

Looks like I will be filling my workspace with open-source erector set on steroids contraptions!
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